Sunday, February 03, 2013

Coming Soon: Aliens Colonial Marines

Yeah, this may be a 40k blog, but I am sure a lot of you enjoy video games as much as I do.  I am getting very pumped for the release of Aliens Colonial Marines in just over a week (February 12th in the states).  Yes, I have all ready talked to my wife about this being my Valentine's day gift!

Yes, I did pre-order the collectors edition
At any rate, I have been following the progress of the game since it was first announced over 2 and half years ago!  From all of the videos I have seen, it just looks like brutal fun.  The best part is, there are loads of weapons and equipment which haven't been spoiled for us yet.  Not to mention there are various co-op modes and competitive multiplayer games, it enticed me enough to update my xbox to gold again. 

Did I mention that I picked up turtle beach headphones for this game?  Yeah, I am going to freak the crap out of myself with surround sound head phones while playing in the dark.

I have read numerous complaints about the graphics, but honestly... WHO CARES?  If the game is balanced, full of action, challenging, and has a sweet premise, it could be stick figures and it would be entertaining.  I am just looking forward to fighting off a queen with a power loader... as that will be amazing.

When I have kids, this will be a costume!
So who all is getting this game?  Even though I work on the release date, I will be up waiting in line at midnight in order to pick this game up.  I want my collectors edition!!!

Perhaps a white scars blog xbox live session is in order?

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