Thursday, November 15, 2012

Codex Toledo wins the 2012 Da Boyz Team Tournament!

This past weekend a massive smack down occurred at the University of Rochester.  Codex Toledo smashed apart the competition winning every single game during the tournament.  The team, jokingly named "Eat D!cks", was under the command of Brad Chester.

Not going to lie, we rocked the competition.  At the end of the tournament, we were 100 battle points above our nearest competitor.  It was so bad, that 3 of the 4 players on the team could have forfeited their final game and we still would have won the tournament.  Ouch!

My team members were

Brad "THE Tool from Toledo" Chester playing Grey Knights
Greg "Inquisitor Malice" Sparks playing Eldar
Mike "The Veteran" Mutscheller playing Chaos
and Yours truly playing Space Marines.

My list consisted of:

Captain on bike with artificer armor and power fist = [175]
Command Squad on bikes with 4x plasma guns and a power fist = [290]
Dread with 2x Twin Autocannons = [125]
Dread with 2x Twin Autocannons = [125]

4 Bikes with 2 Melta guns, Attack Bike with Multi-Melta  = [185]
4 Bikes with 2 Melta guns, Attack Bike with Multi-Melta  = [185]
4 Bikes with 2 Plasma guns, Attack Bike with Multi-Melta  = [195]
4 Bikes with 2 Plasma guns, Attack Bike with Multi-Melta  = [195]
5 Scouts with sniper rifles = [75]
2 Attack Bikes with Multi-Melta = [100]
Thunderfire Cannon = [100]
Thunderfire Cannon = [100]

Total = [1850]

Game 1:

Marines against Orks

His list consisted of roughly:

Big Mek with force field
10 burnas
2x10 Lootas
1x10 Grots with herder
3x20 Orks with shootas and big shootas
2x3 buggies with rokkits
1x3 dethkoptas with rokkits and a buzz saw
2x Battle Wagons
1x3 Killa Kans
Aegis Defense Line with quad cannon

This was a fun game for both my opponent and I.  It was a great way to break in the tournament in a more relaxed fashion. I hate to say it, but there were a few rules he was not familiar with in tandem with his deployment setup which cost him the game.  I lost a handful of models, but I did not lose a kill point in this game.  He was never able to make it into assault unless I charged him and as we all know that is terrible for orks.  At the end of the game, all he had left was one weaponless buggy.

20-0 me

Marines against Imperial Guard

His list consisted of:

Command squad with 4 melta guns and medic in chimera
Commissar lord
3x Veteran Squads with 3 plasma guns in chimeras
1x Veteran Squad with 3 melta in a chimera
1x command section with 4 flamers in a chimera
5x10 Guardsmen deployed in a blob
2x Vendettas
2x Manticores

Have you ever seen the movie the last samurai where the Calvary charges in head first into waiting machine guns?  Well this game was going to play out in one of two ways, I either was going to get slaughtered or I was going to slaughter him.  I deployed my army in a straight line in hammer and anvil and got first turn.  Everything moved up 12 and focused fire on guardsmen out of terrain.  Dreds were killing chimeras and thunder fires were blazing away.  He shot back and I took minimal casualties.  Next turn, moved up again and prepared to assault his entire front line. More focus fire and more dead guardsmen.  I pulled the charge off killing everyone minus the commissar which tied up 3 units of bikes.  I drop the commissar in his turn freeing up my bikes to ravage his army.  I did take heavy casualties on his turn 3, but by that point the game was settled as most of his army was destroyed and unable to cause damage.

19-1 Me

Marines against Chaos aka ZOMBIE HORDE

His list was:

4x terminators with combi-melta
2x30 zombie hordes
3x 10 man plague marine squads with various special weapons
Helldrake with reaper cannon

You don't know how relieved I was to not see any long range firepower in this dude's list.  He was not able to kill my bikes at range and I just picked apart his squads.  Thunderfire cannons employed tremor shots to slow his shambling horde to a halt and I just focused on one squad at a time.  His zombies never got into assault.... in fact nothing got into assault.  Because the match up was a differential, he was able to get a few victory points off of me from sporadic bolter fire.  I was only able to kill 5 units to his 0, the margin was not great enough to get more points in that segment.  

16-0 Me

So the last game was relatively quick as a just kited his entire army.  I was able to watch Greg Spark's last game.  Apparently, his opponent use a point and click army in which he didn't know the rules and Greg managed to neutralize all of his flamers overwatch.  He was not happy when he got multi-charged.  Because of a misunderstanding of the rules, he rage quit the entire tournament.  It is pretty sad on his part, but learn the rules dude!

Winners were announced and we continued our winning record at the Da Boyz GT.  This year's trophy was a set of 4 laser engraved beer mugs along with a matching engraved pitcher.  I am sure many drinks will be had in this collection.

This tournament was the highlight of my dice rolling abilities.  During the GT it went down hill fast... But we will save that report for another day. 


  1. Nicely done lads! I feel a Codex Toledo vs Skäggmaffia future challenge off in the making.

    (though not sure when as none of us managed to get Adepticon tickets)

    1. That would be sweet! The only time I could think of is the ETC but it would not be the same as you are the scottish team captain and Im not on the team.

    2. Actually I am no longer the Captain. I stepped down last month because I don't feel it is right for me to hold that position given that I am no-longer even living in the UK and will likely not be attending anymore tournaments there. IMO the Captain needs to be a leader, insipiration, spokesperson and figurehead for the team and national gaming community. I just can't reconcile the fact that I would be lying if I said me continuing to be captain now I am resident in Sweden still allowed me to achieve all the above.

      That said I am hoping that my gaming abilities will still be welcomed onto the team (hell I have a perfect record in Sweden so far).

      As for you not been on the team. Pull your finger out!

  2. Good read Brandon! I am REALLY REALLY surprised you did this well in ur chaos game, but as you said ur opponenets list lacked ranged firepower (btw u lucky bastard ddnt have to deal with a helldrakes baleflamer!) :)

    Anyway i loved this batrep m8, any chance u cd list ur team mates: Mike "The Veteran" Mutscheller kist if hes ok with it. Im just curious to see how the chaos lists are working out back home :)


  3. Dude! Massive congratulations! Did you have a best/worst unit? Anything you'd swap out for next time?

    1. Probably the bike command squad, but as you will see in the battle reports for the main event terminators did not preform much better. I am going back to the drawing board for this army after everything I learned from this past weekend.


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