Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Storm Lords (White Scars) Army for sale

Unfortunately it has come time to part with my Storm Lords Army.  Right now we are saving up for a down payment for a house and need more money.  I have built this army up over a period of about 4 or 5 years.  It was painted by Drew Olds at Garden Ninja Painting who is a great painter very reliable and reasonable who can match the paint for any other unit you want.  As Brandon can attest it is painted to a very good standard.  It received 34 out of 37 at Adepticon this year and has always done well at other tournaments.  I also will be listing my Deathwing portion of this army in late July after the ATC.  If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me. Here is the link to the ebay lisitng



I included some more beautiful pictures of this army.  The price is amazing for the quality of the work, the amount of miniatures, and how the army looks on the table.  It really needs to go to a good home, it is an amazing army and I wish I could pick it up!



  1. Greg, get someone else to take photos, Borrow someone else's Camera..

    I have seen some of Drew's work in the past, and you need to get some good photos up ASAP

    1. I agree, this army is amazing. If you are going to get what the army is truly worth, you need to get better pictures. In addition, I would extend the action for a few more weeks so we can give it some press.

  2. Greg,

    Much better, but you need more high quality photos. I honestly would not have guessed from the first photos you took it's the same army.

    Seriously buy a friend a pizza to come help ;-)


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