Friday, June 10, 2011

Thunderfire and Techmarine conversion ideas

As we all know I have been talking up a storm about thunderfire cannons, but I have been proxying them in my games.  Well because of the tournament in a week I am looking at actually building a pair or even three of them.  So I scoured online (google) and came across a few images which I think serve as a good basis for a conversion.

Imagine this more "orkified" and mixed with a bike. 

The first three are taken from here

In addition to this, I am looking at building a techmarine without a servo harness as I think they look really silly.  So I am contemplating using standard space marine as a basis with a powerfist with a ungerslung flamer built in (think huron or vulkan) and in the other hand a decked out plasma weapon to count as a twin linked plasma pistol.  To represent this better armor, I would attach ork plates and probably some plastic card to make them look bulkier.  So would this be a suitable conversion for a techmarine?


  1. Instead of extra plates, maybe go fancier, like using some Sanguinary Guard bits to represent the Artificer armor.

    For the cannon, maybe make it wheeled with tow attachment (with other end on attack bikes) and a spot for TM to hang on to show how it kept up with the bikers!

  2. I could get those extra parts. *ponders*

    I also had this in mind:

    With a havoc launcher mounted where the missiles are. So it is clearly different than bikes and attack bikes but still fits the theme of the army. It would give the techmarine a place to sit as well. But I'm not sure if I want treds or wheels...

  3. I like it... alot actually. I could definitely justify buying all the bits to craft one in this method rather then go broke buying one GW cannon.

  4. Andy inspired me long ago.. here's my first go.

    Also check out this post on bolter & chainsword, all of them are better than mine IMO. Hmm it seems like B&C has had some issues the post used to have many more examples. I will keep looking and if I find it will report back.

  5. Tristan: that one from bc looks pretty cool. Since the creative juices are flowing I think im going to go home and build two tonight.

  6. Here's a spanish blog of a guy who made a great missile launcher from scratch, quite gothic and all, but it would fit great as a TFC in a white scars army:

    And here's the WIP:

    It may not be what you are looking for, but it's another idea.


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